Dream interpretation is a practice in Islam that allows Muslims to understand their dreams. It is recommended that one tries to have true dreams by speaking honestly, eating halal food, following the commandments of the shari’ah, sleeping in a state of purity, and remembering Allah before sleep.

It is also advisable not to share dreams with others for islamic dream meaning as this can lead to jealousy. Prophet Yusuf ’alayhi salam was advised by his father not to tell his dreams to his brothers.

1. Observe the details of the dream

Dreams can be a source of guidance for Muslims. They can be a sign of good or evil, and they can also be a window into future events. However, it is important to understand that dreams must be interpreted properly in order to have any significance.

Some people ignore dreams altogether, while others use them as a basis for major life decisions. For example, a person might divorce his wife because of a dream he had. This is a very dangerous way to use dreams, and it is important for Muslims to avoid such actions.

It is also important to note that not all dreams are haram, and some may even be truthful. For example, the dream of Prophet Joseph peace be upon him told Pharaoh about seven years of prosperity and then seven years of famine. However, one must remember that these dreams are not a means of miracles and new laws should not be derived from them.

2. Ask for advice from a trusted source

If you want to have a meaningful dream, then it is important that you seek advice from someone who can interpret your dreams. A trusted source can help you understand the meaning of your dreams and make major life decisions.

Dream interpretation is an art and requires experience. It is also a very dangerous business because it can cause a person to become obsessed with their dreams and lose focus on their responsibilities.

The most trusted source to ask about a dream is a religious scholar who has experience in dream interpretation. These scholars are well versed in the shariah and will not lie to you. They will provide you with a detailed analysis of your dream.

A good Islamic dream interpretation can give you the confidence that your dreams are coming from Allah. Moreover, they can help you prepare for the future and protect you from the traps of shaytan. In addition, you should strive to speak honestly, eat halal food, avoid that which is forbidden, sleep in a state of purity facing the Qiblah, and remember Allah until your eyelids droop.

3. Avoid making major life decisions based on the interpretation of a dream

A muslim should obviously believe in dreams but should never base his/her beliefs on the content of a dream. Instead, a Muslim should rely on the guidance of the Quran and Sunnah.

Oftentimes, dreams are not from Allah or Shaitan, but rather they are from the one’s own thoughts and desires. Hence, they should not be used as a basis for making major life decisions. In fact, a person who makes such decisions will likely end up being misguided and/or wrong.

Generally speaking, there are three types of dreams; sometimes they are divine guidance and glory from Allah, some times they are sorrow from the devil, and some times they are conflicts of daily living or past events. In the view of Islamic scholars, dreams without interpretation are called false dreams and those with an interpreted meaning are called honest dreams. The latter are those dreams that testify of the future and usually indicate good tidings.

4. Don’t add or subtract anything from the dream

Islam believes that dreams are a form of prophecy and guidance from God. Those who see a true dream, which is a vision from Allah, are given glad tidings and a warning against evil. However, dreams cannot be used as a source for new laws and legislation.

It is important to remember that a dream can be interpreted many ways. If you add or subtract something from the dream while relating it for interpretation, it can completely change its meaning. 

It is important to take note of your dreams and understand their true meaning. Dreams can be confusing and sometimes misleading, but the correct interpretation of a dream can lead to better life decisions. Spend time in remembrance of Allah and ask Him to guide you. If you can, try to keep a dream diary so that you can record your dreams and their interpretations.