GAN 13 is the newest flagship speedcube from Gan Cube, and it's stuffed with incredible modern cube technology. This MagLev version features 88 magnets serving varying purposes, including the innovative Enhanced Core Positioning 3.0 that makes layer alignment easier and faster.

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The GAN 13 3x3 Magnetic MagLev is Gans newest flagship speedcube. It features a new Numerical IPG core and included blue GES, providing a fast, stable feel. The cube also has a dual-adjustment magnetic center of gravity that allows for a more precise feel.

The MagLev is also the first cube to feature a fully magnetic corner-to-center repulsion system. This system causes the corners to snap into place with every turn, making it almost impossible to misalign them.

GAN 13 comes with a plethora of creative, never-before-seen features that are sure to improve your solving experience. Among them is the GES nut system that provides a variety of spring tensions that can be easily and consistently set by hand. This, combined with the repulsion system, creates an unparalleled hand feel and unprecedented control. Using this, you can find the perfect setting for your cube to match your personal preferences. This is a must-have for any cuber!


GAN 13 3x3 Magnetic MagLev is a groundbreaking cube loaded with cutting-edge features to make it the most advanced flagship 3x3 available. Featuring Maglev technology, this cube is more stable and easier to control than other top-of-the-line speed cubes.

GAN has redesigned their core system to create a more efficient repulsion drive with a smoother and faster feel than previous generation flagship cubes. They have also improved their GE nut system to allow for greater stability and an internal design that makes the GES magnet rods more uniformly distributed.

The new ECP 3.0 auto aligning mechanism utilizes a full burst of magnet force that helps every layer to move more naturally and consistently while turning. Combined with the magnetic repulsion driven by the GE magnets and the magnetic attraction of the Maglev rings, you can expect a much more natural feel when solving.

ULTIMATE TUNING SETTINGS - With a variety of adjustments including compression/travel distance, elasticity, and magnet strength you can fine-tune your GAN 13 to your personal taste and style.


GAN 13 MagLev is a flagship 3x3 directly from one of the most popular speed cube manufacturers, and it's loaded with incredible modern cube technology. It features a massive 88 magnets, including 8 core magnets, 56 piece magnets, 12 repulsion magnets, and 12 maglev rings that create a levitating outer layer to reduce resistance. This combination of magnets allows for 216 unique set ups, and the puzzle is fully adjustable with a variety of settings for spring compression/travel distance, tension, and magnet strength.

The 2022 Flagship Version includes Enhanced Core Positioning 3.0 for easier layer alignment, and the core to edge repulsion magnets provide next-level turning performance. The Maglev's 88 magnets are distributed in different ways to maximize performance and durability, and the cube is built with durable materials to last for a long time. The MagLev weighs 71g, making it one of the lightest 3x3 speedcubes available, even though it is stuffed full of incredible modern cube technology.


GAN 13 is a new flagship 3x3 speedcube from one of the world's best manufacturers, and it delivers an amazing cubing experience. It's incredibly fast and maneuverable, with high stability and a smooth rotation. It also features an easy-to-use tensioning system. Plus, it's made with quality materials and durable designs. It's the fastest GAN 3x3 ever and, at only 71g, it's a very lightweight cube for its size.

The cube is loaded with 88 magnets - 8 core magnets, 56 piece magnets, and 12 MagLev magnets. This makes for an amazing solving experience and a massive reduction in friction. It also includes Enhanced Core Positioning 3.0 auto aligning technology and edge magnets for even more improved performance. This 2022 flagship is available in a stunning UV edition, and it's fully adjustable with the option to fine-tune spring compression/travel distance, tension, and magnet strength for 216 possible setup combinations.