A cube gear is a storage solution that saves space in a suitcase or backpack. It also provides more versatility than a nylon packing bag. Its use requires some thought but once mastered is a great way to travel.

To solve the Gear Cube, find the pattern in the corners and align them. Then, follow the algorithm: R2 U2. This means rotate each side twice in a clockwise direction.

Efficient packing

Cube gear helps your clothes pack more easily and takes up less space in your suitcase. Most cubes have storage pockets that make it easy to organize even the smallest items like socks and underwear. This can save you a lot of time and effort in finding them when you need them. This can be especially helpful if you're traveling with kids and need to find their items quickly.

The best packing cubes can be found in a variety of sizes to accommodate different travel needs. Medium-sized cubes work well for clothing, while large cubes can be used for bulkier items such as shoes and sweaters. There are also compression cubes that compress items to take up less space in your luggage.

Cubes are an essential tool for frequent travelers. They help to keep your bag organized, minimize the amount of luggage you have to check, and prevent dirty laundry from mixing with clean clothes.


This Gear Cube offers a new twist on the classic cube, making it more challenging and fun to solve. It features durable fluorescent cloth stickers and a smooth turning mechanism. The Gear Cube has a great deal of versatility and can be used in many different ways, from adding extra space to your backpack or rolling duffel bag to increasing the capacity of your camera kit.

The Gear Cube is more complex to solve than the Rubik's Cube, because each face rotates in 180deg increments rather than 90 degrees. This allows you to use algorithms that work no matter what side of the cube you are on, and also enables you to solve it in a faster time.

These versatile packing cubes are a must-have for travel. They have a wide range of sizes and can be nested inside one another for easy storage. Their double YKK zippers are easy to open and close, and top mesh panels allow you to see what's inside. They are made from TechLite diamond nylon and have a lifetime warranty.


A key feature of cube gear is its durability. The material is sturdy and resists tearing, which makes it ideal for items with sharp corners or long edges. It also does a good job of keeping moisture out, making it a great option for wet clothing or camping gear.

Moreover, some of the cubes are made with ultralight materials, which can save weight and space. This is important for those who want to travel as light as possible, as it can make the difference between a suitcase and a backpack.

The Eagle Creek Pack-It Cube Set is a good option for those who are concerned about weight and durability. It is made from durable 40D ripstop nylon, which is thicker than the fabric used by most of the other sets we tested. Its structure is also excellent, as it can stand up on its own. In addition, the cubes are made with seam-taped 1.0 oz/sq yd Dyneema Composite Fabric and have double-zipper designs.

Ease of security checks

TSA does not prohibit travelers from using packing cubes, and many travellers have reported that they help them get through airport security faster. Packing cubes come in a range of sizes, and can be used to organize clothes, camera gear, cords, accessories, or anything else you want to bring with you on your travels.

To solve the Gear Cube, look for two gear edge pieces that need to be paired together. These are the green sides of the cube. Once you've paired the edges, you can rotate them until the colors match the center piece. Then rotate them until all edges are positioned evenly into a cubic state.

For travelers, the most important benefit of a protective cube is that it allows you to fit more gear into your bag. For example, Think Tank Photo makes five padded cubes called Stash Masters that turn any bag into a protective camera bag. These are ideal for storing camera equipment, binoculars, and other valuables.