If you've ever applied for a car loan but were unsure of whether or not you qualify, an ICICI Car loan calculator can help you find out. You can enter your loan details and see the EMI and total cost of your loan. You can also use the calculator to figure out how many months you'll need to repay the loan.


If you're planning on buying a new car, you'll need to know how much you can afford. Using an ICICI Bank car loan calculator is a good way to estimate your potential monthly repayments. This tool will also take into account your co-applicant's income.

The lender also looks at your debt-to-income ratio, which is the proportion of your income that is dedicated to paying off debts. A low debt-to-income ratio is a good sign that your repayment capacity is high. This makes it easier for you to get an ICICI car loan.

The ICICI Bank Car loan calculator is an online tool that lets you check the amount of your monthly EMIs for any vehicle loan with the bank. By entering the loan amount, the interest rate, and the number of years you need to pay back the loan, you can calculate the EMI amount in just a few clicks.

ICICI Car loan eligibility

To check if you are eligible for an ICICI Car loan, visit the ICICI Bank website and fill in the application form. Once you have submitted the form, an agent will contact you to review the information. He will also confirm the eligibility of your loan and inform you on how much you can borrow.

The amount of income you earn per month also plays an important role in determining your eligibility for an ICICI Bank car loan. The higher your income, the lower the chances of default and better the terms you'll receive. ICICI explicitly mentions that a stable source of income is necessary before the bank can approve your loan. This means you should continue to work for the same employer and have a steady business or self-employment.

ICICI Car loan EMI calculator

The ICICI Car loan EMI calculator is an excellent tool to help you calculate the EMI of your car loan. The calculator allows you to input all the details of your loan and generate the results. It also displays an amortization table for easy understanding of repayment details. You can input the principal amount sanctioned by the lender, the tenure, and the monthly installments you wish to pay every month. The longer the tenure, the lower the monthly installments will be.

The EMI calculator of ICICI Bank calculates the total monthly repayment amount based on the interest rate and loan tenure of your loan. It also helps you choose the right loan amount and car variant. All you have to do is input the relevant information in the EMI calculator and the results are displayed easily.

ICICI Car loan preclosure charges

If you have decided to go for an ICICI Car Loan, you should know about its foreclosure charges. These charges can be as high as Rs. 5,000 and are applied to the loan if the borrower defaults. In addition, ICICI Bank will also charge you a prepayment penalty of up to 5% if you prepay the loan before the agreed period.

Most car buyers choose finance for their new purchase because it is easier and cheaper. The EMIs are low, and finance schemes are very attractive. However, most people don't know the details of how to close a car loan. Some even don't understand what a NOC is.