While choosing a direct mail marketing company, it is important to look for certain basic things. A free checklist can help you do so. It lists basic things like address confirmation and reliable customer support. Moreover, it can be customized to meet your specific needs. After you download this checklist, you can start your search.

Streamlined workflow

One of the biggest challenges facing direct mail marketing companies is personalization. A digital workflow platform like Messagepoint can help with this by applying business rules to every piece of mail in the production process. With the help of this automation tool, direct mail marketing companies can speed up the delivery of their campaigns and lower their costs.

First, it is necessary to understand current business processes. Once you have this information, you can begin to evaluate how you can streamline your workflow. Then, you can communicate with employees in every division and ask for their input. This will help you determine if there are any manual tasks or repetitive processes that can be automated. By doing this, you can increase the efficiency and productivity of your business operations.

Another benefit of a streamlined workflow is that it makes it easier to change content in a timely manner. The ability to change specific zones of a campaign can eliminate a lot of human error and speed up the process. It also reduces programming time and ensures quality at all stages.

Address confirmation

Address confirmation is an important part of any direct mail marketing campaign. It ensures that mail is delivered to the right address, increasing the likelihood of a sale. In addition, it can save money spent on return postage. Using an accurate address list, mailers can send out their mail with the correct amount of postage. This frees up money for other business needs.

Address confirmation software verifies that every element of a postal address is present and spelled correctly. The software also helps ensure that the data is formatted according to postal specifications. The standardization process is not limited to spelling, it also involves organizing every part of the address. The software then performs parsing to break the address down into separate pieces of data, or data elements.

Address confirmation can also help companies automate their direct mail campaigns by scheduling mailings. It allows a direct mail marketing company to send mail directly to a targeted mailing list. The software works with a CSV file of addresses and can verify addresses in bulk in a few minutes. It will also auto-fill missing details and correct typos.


While most marketing leaders are getting great ROI and response rates from legacy direct mail capabilities, they may not be able to customize their campaigns as efficiently as they could. A recent survey found that only 38% of respondents were able to customize their text, offer, or imagery. This suggests that many companies lack an advanced internal workflow that allows them to customize direct mail campaigns. Moreover, nearly half of respondents were using a software platform to execute their campaigns.