The key to choosing a turnstile equipment is determining what type of turnstile will best suit your needs and the application. Whether you need to manage crowds at public access locations or increase security around your perimeter fence, there are many types and options of turnstiles available.

Depending on your requirements, you will want to choose between optical turnstiles, full height turnstiles or waist high turnstiles. Each provides different levels of security, and the type you choose should depend on your budget and the size of the project.

Turnstiles are designed to be installed indoors, but some models can be used outdoors, too. In addition, some turnstiles are able to provide power via cables that run directly from the gate to the power supply box.

If you’re unsure which turnstile will best serve your facility, contact an expert for guidance. They will be able to help you find the right solution and ensure you meet any pre-installation requirements (such as anchoring, power and communication conduits, etc.) so that you can avoid costly delays and disruptions during the installation process.

Using turnstiles at your business or school can be an effective way to control entry and exit while keeping employees, students and guests safe and secure. They can also help improve customer service by limiting access to specific areas of your building. They can also help you keep track of who is coming and going, making it easier to identify and resolve issues before they escalate into more serious matters.