4x4 speed cube is a great choice for those who are new to the game and want to start improving their skills. However, you should be careful when selecting one because not all cubes are created equal.

A good cube should be smooth turning, stable and controllable. It should also be able to corner cut correctly and not be too loud.

QiYi QiYuan W2

The QiYi QiYuan W2 is a great way to get your feet wet in the world of speed cubing. It's a very lightweight (102 gr) 4x4 that turns out to be an excellent performer and one of the most fun and satisfying to solve.

The best part is that it costs under a grand and has a cult following amongst the cubo-curious. The QiYi QiYuan is a solid entry into the fray and an excellent addition to any serious puzzler's collection. It is a very impressive looking piece of engineering that is sure to delight those with a sense of whimsy and a fondness for the finer things in life. It has a plethora of nifty features that will keep you on the cutting edge. It's not hard to see why the QiYi QiYuan has won multiple awards and is ranked as our number one pick for best budget cube.


When you have solved all the 3x3s and want to take your cubing game to the next level then it is time to move on to a 4x4 speed cube. They are faster than their 3x3 counterparts but they can be frustrating if you are not careful.

The best 4x4 speed cubes have good corner cutting which means that they won’t throw you out of balance when solving algorithms. They also won’t overshoot and lockup which is very important in speedsolving.

Another thing to look for is stability as this will determine how much deformation the cube can flex and what its pop up resistance is. Ideally you want to go for a 4x4 that is sturdy and rigid yet not too stiff so it won’t be easy to pop up.

This QiYi MS is a good choice for a budget speed cube. It is a part of their new "MS line" of budget speed cubes and it performs well for its price. It's a good choice for beginners as it is fast and smooth and won't break the bank.


The Shengshou 4x4 is one of the most popular speed cubes. It offers smooth corner cutting, good speed and comes at a great price.

Shengshou is one of the largest speed cube manufacturers and has a reputation for making quality cubes that are competitive at large scale competitions. They also have a lot of affordable options for beginners who are getting into speed cubing.

They are a bit of a step up from the 3x3 rubix. They cut corners well and don’t pop easily but the inner block design isn’t as smooth as the aosu so it can’t compete on that front.

I would recommend this cube to beginners if you can’t afford the aosu or yuxin. It has decent speed, corner cuts, but has a lot of lock ups.

MoYu Aosu GTS2 M

The MoYu Aosu GTS2 M is the newest addition to the family and the company's best 4x4 to date. The 3x3x3 cube stands out with a number of features including an improved rotating surface design that reduces friction and residue build up and new base plastic materials. Other notable upgrades include a well designed tyre and a more elegant looking case that is both stylish and functional. The puzzle also sports a more controllable size and a more streamlined layout. The puzzle is accompanied by a display box, a booklet and a set of replacement magnets in the shape of the famous MoYu red, white and blue tee. The Aosu has got to be the most stylish looking cube on the block! A must have for any speed cubist. The oh-so-fashionable MoYu Aosu is an ideal gift for the puzzler in your life and a perfect fit for your own collection!